St. Paul’s Home (en)

Some decades ago, a poor family lived in the Indian state Karnataka. In this family, there were then siblings. The parents couldn’t afford food or even education to all of them, although they were working hard. So, the gave their children to boarding homes were they were given shelter, food and school education. Today, those ten children are engineers, principles or wardens themselves. Thanks to the generous support of those boarding homes, they were given a chance for social advancement.
However, those „children“, today adults, never forgot their origin and decided to found St. Paul’s Education Trust.

First, they opened a school called „St. Paul’s School“ for 210 children from a poor, rural background. Many children have successfully finished school there.

It was also their dream to start a boarding home for these needy children to provide quality food, basic needs, shelter for shelterless, clothes along with good education.In the society of semi-rural Chickballapur District most of the population are labourers. They do menial labour every day and some of them spend most of their earnings on drinking and wasting. The families have fights every night. The children witness this. The children also suffer from a lack of good schooling and education. The basic food is not provided. The children are deprived off from their basic rights.So it was decided to start a boarding home in this community to provide the needy nutritious food, quality education, basic needs, shelter and values for life primarily. The mothers and families in general will be helped to a great extent through this programme.

We have planned to start with 10 boys. (There is a similar institution nearby only for girls.) The parents who admit their children cannot help financially. We neither have much financial backing but we have an intention to help these poor, needy, deserving people.

Now we have no other alternative than to approach likeminded, philanthropic people, friends, and organizations, donors to help and support this great task. Your help and support will severally utilize to mold the future generation of this community.

We hope you will respond to our request favorably and make generous contributions. We promise to use all your donations only for this purpose, only for this project. It is self-speaking that we will provide a donation receipt, if you wish this.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

A.S. Vasantha, Lara Adamiec, Max Fehrmann, Marcel Zauner-Wieczorek