How to support?

Donation information

We thank you for your interest. Here you will find all necessary and immediate information.

We issue a donation certificate. On request, we will send you regulary a newsletter.

We have different ways to help and support from our St. Paul’s Home:

  • One-time donations (data: see below)
  • a regular free allowance for the children’s home
  • Membership of IMEW.

If you want to opt for a longer-term support:

  • Become a sponsor!
  • You can take a longer term general project sponsorship or for individual for a child.

Here you will find the bank details of our sponsoring company I.M.E.W.


Bank connection within Germany:Owner: I.M.E.W.

IBAN: DE74 2505 0180 0910 1653 86


Bank: Sparkasse Hannover

Indian accountName of beneficiary: St. Paul’s Education Trust

Account no .: CA 1293201000095

Bank code: CNRB 0001293

Bank: Canara Bank




  • Please always state the subject „St. Pauls Home“ when donating.

Please always state the subject „St. Pauls Home“ when donating.




If you tell us your address, we can send a donation receipt to you. (If you live in Germany and donate to I.M.E.W., you can use the donation receipt for your tax return.)